Mr. Gera provides private operating for paediatric surgical cases at Glengary Private Hospital, SJOG Murdoch, SJOG Subiaco Hospital, SJOG Midland and Hollywood Hospital.

  • Neonatal and Paediatric Surgery Laser Clinic at Perth Paediatrics (West Leederville)

    • Laser repair of tongue tie (up to 6 months of age)
    • Laser repair of maxillary frenulum
    • Laser circumcision up to 12 weeks of age
    • Laser excision of umbilical granuloma/polyp
    • Laser excision of mucosal/skin lesions

  • Laser Circumcision

    Mr Gera offers Laser circumcision for male babies upto 12 weeks of age. Pain control with local anaesthesia by ultrasound guided nerve block. Mr Gera uses modern soft tissue laser for circumcision. Procedure Circumcision is performed after administering pain relief with local anaesthetic. Dr Gera uses ultrasound guided local anaesthetic block for precise and effective … Continue reading "Laser Circumcision"

  • Laser Repair of Tongue Tie and Maxillary Frenulum (Lip-Tie)

    Mr. Gera uses a laser scalpel, in which there is no beam, the laser evaporates, cauterizes and sterilizes the tissue it touches. This allows the procedure to be carried out while the child is awake, without the need for a general anaesthetic. If the traditional method of snipping with scissors is used, it is not … Continue reading "Laser Repair of Tongue Tie and Maxillary Frenulum (Lip-Tie)"

  • Paediatric General Surgical Clinic

    • Undescended Testis
    • Inguinal/Umblical hernias
    • Circumcision for cultural/ medical reasons( after 6 months)
    • Penile problems including hypospadias
    • Vascular malformations /Haemangiomas
    • Head and neck lumps ( Lymphnodes, Thyrglossal cysts, branchial anomalies)
    • Paediatric Gastrointestinal Clinic for constipation, Hirscsprung’s disease, anorectal disorders
    • Thoracoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgery
    • Tongue tie repair

  • Complex Bowel Management Clinic at Perth Paediatrics (West Leederville)

    • Anorectal disorders including encopresis and Intractable constipation in collaboration with gastroenterologist, dietician, psychologist and Continence physiotherapist.
    • Real time ultrasound, anorexia muscle complex assessment and Anorectal manometry.
    • Paediatric Gastrointestinal surgery including Hirschsprung’s disease.