Mr Parshotam Gera

General Paediatric Surgeon

Dr Gera ia fully qualified paediatric surgeon from The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and provides exclusive care to new born &older children up to 16 years. Dr Gera completed his fellowship with The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Master of Medical Science from University of Western Australia. He has trained in Paediatric and Minimal Invasive Surgery in children at various hospitals including The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and The Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Mr. Gera currently holds appointments at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Fiona Stanley hospital in Perth. He is also accredited to practice at St John of God Hospitals in Murdoch, Midland & Subiaco and Glengarry private hospital.

Besides, his clinical practice, Mr Gera is involved as a clinical senior lecturer at the University of Western Australia and is an active member of The Australia & New Zealand Association of Paediatric Surgeons, The Pacific Association of Paediatric Surgeons and The Thoracic Society of Australia.

Dr Gera has been doing Paediatric Surgery since last 15 years. Dr. Gera provides

Paediatric surgical services including

  • Undescended Testis
  • Inguinal/Umblical hernias
  • Circumcision for cultural/ medical reasons( after 6months)
  • Penile problems including hypospadias
  • Vascular malformations /Haemangiomas
  • Head and neck lumps ( Lymphnodes, Thyrglossal cysts, branchial anomalies)
  • Paediatric Gastrointestinal Clinic for constipation, Hirschsprung’s disease, anorectal disorders)
  • Thoracoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Tongue tie repair

Laser Clinic

  • Laser repair of Tongue tie and Maxillary Frenulum ( Upper lip tie)
  • Exicision of mucosal lesions with Laser

Bowel Management Clinic

  • Anorectal disorders including encopresis and Intractable constipation in collaboration with gastroenterologist , dietician, psychologist and Continence physiotherapist
  • Real time ultrasound and anorectal muscle complex assesment